Joel Embiid Tweets ‘I’m a Laker’ Then Deletes Tweet

On Wednesday night before the 2014 NBA Draft, Joel Embiid’s Twitter account displayed a very plain jane Tweet that simple read, “I’m a Laker.” Shortly after the Tweet was posted, it was then deleted with hardly a trace of it every existing. Luckily, Twitter user Kyrie Jordan – @BucketsNBA was able to snap a screen shot of the Tweet as proof that it did take place. For brief moment there was a ton of speculation as to what this could have meant. There would really be no way for him to guarantee that he’d be a Laker other than Mitch and the Front Office agreeing to draft him if he were to fall to the #7 pick.

Lakers Tweet Joel Embiid

Within 5 minutes Embiid posted another Tweet that stated that it was just his friend messing with his phone. Certainly a plausible explanation, and considering the circumstances, this is most likely what did happen. It’s very possible it was a premature celebration and the Lakers do in fact take him at #7 tonight, but with so much unknown going into the draft, anything could happen.


“I’m a Laker” Screenshot – @BucketsNBA

Joel Embiid – Twitter

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