Lakers Acquire Jeremy Lin From Houston Rockets

The Lakers have just completed a trade for Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets. Adrian Wojnarowski of reports that the talks include cash and rights to an overseas player for the Rockets. A move that doesn’t have them receiving any salary back giving them more space to pursue Chris Bosh as well as keep Chandler Parsons.

Lakers Jeremy Lin

Many people know Jeremy Lin from ‘Linsanity’ a few seasons ago. The hype from Linsanity got Lin a nice contract that some felt was too high for the popular but unproven player and this did cause some hatred towards Lin. Many people also didn’t realize that the contract cap hit each year is only around $8 million a season which is a fairly decent price for what he’s doing on the floor. He has already shown that he can play with the best of them and the situation in Houston with Harden being the primary ball handler didn’t help. I expect a jump in Lin’s performance this upcoming season which is also a contract year.


Adrian Wojnarowski –

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