Lakers Draft Lottery Odds – Lottery Tonight!

Lakers Draft Lottery Odds

What pick will the Lakers get for the 2015 Draft?

Tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery and the Lakers have the 4th best odds at the #1 pick. If the Lakers don’t secure a top 5 pick in this draft, their 2015 first round draft pick will go to the Philadelphia 76’ers which they received in a trade just before this years deadline from the Phoenix Suns. Due to the format of the lottery, for the Lakers to fall out of the top 5, thus losing their pick, two teams slotted 5 through 14 will need to move ahead of the Lakers to knock them to the 6th pick. Only the top 3 picks are decided with the Lottery. Once the top 3 picks have been chosen, the rest of the draft order is decided by their final regular season standings.

Lakers head coach Byron Scott is going to be the Lakers representative for tonight’s Draft Lottery. Seen by many as the ‘tank commander’ in charge of the Lakers tank job this year to secure a high pick, him being the rep does make sense even though we don’t have a 100% chance at keeping our pick.

The Lakers have a 82.72% chance at keeping their pick for this draft which isn’t as good as many have hoped. Though it’s rather unlikely two teams below the 4th pick move up, stranger things have happened and it’s not all that rare for two lower seeded teams to move up significantly within one draft lottery. You can calculate the odds and different scenarios with this great and easy to use tool that I came cross today. Lottery Bucket provides an easy point and click method for discovering the odds for every team and every scenario of the draft.


Lottery Bucket – NBA Draft Lottery Odds

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