Lakers Guard Nick Young To Opt Out To Become Free Agent

As reported by the James Herbert at, Lakers Guard Nick Young will opt out of contract to become free agent. Nick had previously stated he would take a pay-cut to stay with his hometown team and is most likely doing this so that he can secure a long term deal. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be leaving the Lakers, but depending on how their off season goes, they might not want to give Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, enough money to convince him to stay.

Lakers Nick Young

Nick Young was born in Los Angeles and returned home last season at a lower price than he could have fetched elsewhere on the market. He signed originally for 2 seasons with the final season being a player option. Due to the amount of injuries the team had, Nick Young was able to get a ton of playing time and really shined at times for the Lakers. He was to be paid $1.2 million this season and is sure going to be able to get more than that on the open market. He did state in the past that he would take a pay-cut to stay in LA, but it’s looking like he meant he would consider staying in LA for less than he would be able to get on the open market and not necessarily for the low $1.2 he would have been paid this upcoming season. Nick averaged 17.9 points a game in 28.3 minutes a game this past season and is a player that many teams could use for added offensive firepower.


Nick Young will opt out, wants to return to Lakers on multi-year deal – James Herbert –

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