Lakers Are Planning On Keeping Their #7 2014 Lottery Pick

Dave McMenamin of ESPN states that sources close to that situation have told him the Lakers are leaning towards keeping their lottery pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft. The Lakers are picking 7th and many mock drafts have them picking Marcus Smart or Julius Randle. Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh and Dante Exum are also all considered to be potentials picks in that 7th spot. Of course, don’t forget that this is merely Lakers draft rumors and many things can happen between now and then.

Mitch Kupchak Lakers Draft

Lakers are leaning towards keeping their #7 pick in the upcoming NBA 2014 Draft

A big part of what the Lakers do will be dependent upon the draft selections made before them. Guys like Smart and Exum are in other mock drafts as high as being picked #4 by Orlando. If the Lakers have their eyes set on one specific player, it’s very possible that they end up having to make their second choice. Luckily in this draft there is a deep pool of talent and the Lakers have a few options at that 7th spot.

While the sources indicate that the Lakers are planning on keeping their 7th pick, anything can happen come draft night. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team were to trade the pick in a package deal or if they attempt to move up a spot or two packaging their pick with a future pick or one of the Lakers upcoming free agents. It’s also possible we package the draft pick for talent rather than moving or down in this draft. If a player were to try and force a trade to the Lakers, it would come in handy being able to acquire said player. I doubt this would happen, but I do like it mention all possibilities. With the talent available I am leaning towards wanting to keep the pick and see who we can draft rather than pushing for a trade to acquire talent.


Lakers Keeping 7th Pick – Dave McMenamin –

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