Mavericks Acquire Chandler & Felton For Calderon, Larkin & Dalembert From Knicks

Adrian Wojnarowski of is reporting that the Knicks and Mavericks are finalizing a deal that would send Tyson Chandler back to the Mavericks. 6 players are involved in this trade with Raymond Felton joining Chandler in Dallas. Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington, Samuel Dalembert and Jose Calderon are going to be sent to the Knicks in exchange. It has yet to be seen if any draft picks were to be exchange, but so far it’s looking like it won’t have any direct draft implications this season. This move also don’t really help any team financially, though the Mavericks will free up money tied to Chandler’s and Felton’s deals a little bit sooner than they would have with Calderon, Dalembert, Larkin and Ellington.

Raymond Felton Tyson Chandler

Felton and Chandler were on the Bobcats together, then were on the Knicks together and now they’ll be joining each other for a trip to Dallas for the upcoming season. This move might take Dallas out of play for some free agents they were hoping to snag because of the slight increase in salary that they’ll be taking in. It’s possible that they’ll now miss out on free agents they otherwise would have had a shot at getting due to this trade. They get a little bit better defensively with Chandler protecting the rim, but Felton isn’t going to be as effective as Jose Calderon was for them or as Shane Larkin could potentially be.


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