NBA Draft Rumors Thursday 6/20/2014

The Philadelphia 76’ers may be attempting to trade up in the draft to put themselves in a position to draft Andrew Wiggins reports DevonTe Brooks of This was supposedly told to him by someone close to Andrew Wiggins that would have this sort of information. With Joel Embiid being injured, the draft is now considered to be a ‘2 player draft’ as far as the top picks go. The 76’ers currently have the 3rd pick in the draft and have realized that unless the Cavs surprise everyone for another draft and choose Exum or stick with Embiid, Wiggins will most likely not be there at #3. The 76’ers would hope to pair Wiggins with the lottery pick they traded for last season in Nerlens Noel who has yet to play in the NBA. This could end up being quite the rookie tandem.

Andrew Wiggins

Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins were both scheduled to workout today. Parker was working out with Cleveland and Wiggins is going to be working out with Milwaukee. Chad Ford from ESPN gives us this news. This of course puts a wrench into Philly’s plans and is a nod towards the ‘2 player draft’ we’re expecting to have this draft. Parker and Wiggins are expected to go #1 and #2 and with the Cavs picking 1st and the Bucks coming in 2nd, the Sixers might be forced to look for other talent.


Philly Looking To Trade Up For Wiggins – DevonTe Brooks –

Parker & Wiggins Workout – Chad Ford –

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